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Download the Free Windows Media Player
Download the Free Windows Media Player
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Windows Media Problems:

I see the video trying to connect, but it says "Closed, The Server could not find the requested file, The Server is Busy, or A General Error has occured."

  • This could be a Firewall Issue coming back to haunt you. Sometimes, corporate networks have very advanced firewalls and will block Streaming Video even over HTTP. The only other possiblity is that the server you're trying to connect to crashed, but this is highly unlikely and we will alert you by email if that's the case.

My Player gets stuck buffering for a long time and doesn't do anything.

  • You're probably experiencing net congestion in your local area or on your network, try a lower bandwidth stream, if available.
  • It also may be that you are using your bandwidth with another program, such as downloading files or email. Close other applications that may be using your Internet connection, or other computers that may be sharing your connection on a network.
  • You may not have a fast enough connection to watch the webcast properly. To test your connection, visit http://www.speedtest.net/.

I can hear the webcast ok, but the picture is awful.

  • The stream is designed to favor audio over video, so that you can hear even if the video degrades. This is normally due to net congestion, a condition on your network or through your Internet Service Provider that we cannot control. To test your connection, visit http://www.speedtest.net/.