Call to Order
Call to Order - Joe Wynn, President, VETS Group Moment of Silence & Prayer - Clarence L. Cross, Jr. VA Chaplain
Pledge & National Anthem - Wayne Miller, USMC Veteran

D.C.Council Staff for Health Cmte
Tim Smith, Dir. DC Veterans Affairs

Keynote by Steve Baron, Dir. DC Mental Health

Keynote by Constance Walker, NAMI Board

Acknoledgements - Dawn Tucker, VETS Gp Facilitator Event Sponsors - Patriot Resource Partners
Board of Directors - Agency Representatives

About the Vets Group and NABVets, by Joe wynn, President, VETS Group

Veterans Health Education & Wellness Panel
-Peggy Anderson, President of National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Maryland State Board
-Tom Berger, PhD, National Chair PTSD & Substance Abuse Committee, Vietnam Veteran, 3rd Marine Div
-Cheryl Brown, President of Legally Brown Nurse Consulting Svcs, LLC, Air National Guard (Ret)
-Dr. Jackson Davis, President of Health & Wellness Concerns for All, LLC, Air Force Brigadier General (Ret)
-Tracee Bryant, Exec. Director of Black Mental Health Alliance (BMHA), Baltimore, MD

Closing Remarks - Rick Weidman, Director Government Affairs & Policy, VVA

Interview with Wendy Frisby of Pfizer

Interview with Constance A. Walker, M. S. Ed. of NAMI, Southern MD

Interview with Tracee E. Bryant, MPH, CHES, Executive Director of Black Mental Health Alliance for Education and Consultation, Inc.

Interview with Lynn H Albizo, J.D., Executive Director of NAMI Maryland

Interview with Thomas J. Berger, Ph.D., National Chair, PTSD/Substance Abuse of Vietnam Veterans of America