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12PM-1:45PM Welcome, Overview and Strategy

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2PM-2:30PM Q&A
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2:30PM-3PM Q&A
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3:15PM-5PM Joint Venture Workshop
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Live VA Webcast of the  Pre-proposal Conference for
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service Solicitation - Joint Venturing Workshop
Wednesday - July 11th, 2007
12:00pm - 5:00pm EST
The Capitol Hilton Hotel
1001 16th Street NW - Washington, DC


12:00pm to 12:15pm

Welcome and Introductions of Panel Members
Pre-Proposal Conference Purpose
Rosa Asencio, Contracting Officer

12:15 pm to
12:45 pm

National Acquisition Strategy Technical Overview
     Purpose of VR&E and NAS
     Explanation of Services
     United States Sub-Areas
     Foreign Sub-Areas
Carolyn Thomas, Contract Specialist

12:45 pm to
1:45 pm

National Acquisition Strategy Contractual Overview
     Intent of NAs Contracts
     Pricing Schedule
     NAS Competition
     Instructions to Offerors
     Alternate Proposals
     Evaluation Factors
Rosa Asencio, Contracting Officer

1:45 pm to
2:00 pm


2:00 pm to
3:00 pm

Questions and Answers
Rosa Asencio, Contracting Officer

3:00 pm to
3:05 pm

Anticipated Dates
Rosa Asencio, Contracting Officer

3:00 pm to
3:15 pm

Rosa Asencio, Contracting Officer

3:15 pm to
5:00 pm

Joint Venture Workshop
Wayne Simpson, Deputy Director, OSDBU


the National Capitol Fireworks Celebration on July 4th 2007
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