Gallaudet and Trace Center Conference and Webcast on Accessible Emergency Notification and Communication  
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National Organization on Disability Emergency Preparedness Initiative

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Jane K. Fernandes
Chair, Crisis Management Team
Gallaudet University



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Moderator: Gregg Vanderheiden, Trace Center
Introduction: Accessibility and Emergency Communications
Judy harkins, Director, Technology Access Program
Co P.I., RERC on Telecommunications Access
Gallaudet University

Accessibility Tools and Gaps
Cheryl Heppner
Executive Director
Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

Janina Sajka
Capital Accessibility, Inc.


Governmental Activities on Accessible Emergency Notification and Communication

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Moderator: Claude Stout, Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc.

Daniel W. Sutherland
Officer for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
U.S. Department of Homeland Security


Broadcast Media Notification

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Moderator: Judy Harkins, Gallaudet University

Radio Broadcast Data
Mike Starling
Vice President for Engineering and Operations
National Public Radio

Making Televised Emergency Information Accessible
Larry Goldberg
Director, Media Access Group

NOAA NWS Emergency Warning
Kenneth Putkovich
U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


Broadcast Media Notification (Continued)

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Moderator: Helena Mitchell, Georgia Centers for Advanced
Telecommunicatgions Technology

Email Alerts: What's Available
Marcia Brooks
Project Director, Access Alerts Projects

Common Alerting Protocol
Art Botterell


Facilities and Campuses

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Moderator: Paula Tucker, Gallaudet University

Emergency Communication and Federal Employees
Paul Singleton
Computer/Electronic Accomodations Program
U.S. Department of Defense

Campus-Level Accessible Notification
Carl Pramuk
Dean of Student Affairs
Gallaudet University

Accessible Alarms during Sleep: Research Results
Jacqueline DuBois
Combustion Science and Engineering, Inc.


Person-to-Person Telecommunications

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Moderator: Linda Kozma-Spytek, Gallaudet University

Direct Person-to-Person Telecommunications: Terminal Devices and Networks
Gregg Vanderheiden
Director, Trace R&D Center
Co-PI, Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on Telecommunications Access
University of Wisconsin, Madison


Direct Access to 9-1-1

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PSAP Accessibility under ADA
Robert Mather
Senior Trial Attorney
US Department of Justice

Related Proceedings and Rules of the FCC
Gregory Hlibok
Attorney Advisor
FCC, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, Disability Rights Office


Relay Services in an Emergency

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Moderator: Gregg Vanderheiden, Trace Center

Speaker from Sprint

Recovery of Service under Telecommunications Service Restoration Priority
John Hogue
Program Manager

CapTel Service and 9-1-1 Calls
Kevin Colwell
Vice President of Engineering
Ultratec, Inc.

Video Relay Service Technology and 9-1-1 Calls
Mike Maddix
Product Manager
Sorenson Communications


Messaging and E-mail for information and Communication

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Moderator: Dan Bart, Telecommunication Industry Association

Martin Bongers, FEMA

Wireless Location-Based Notification
Gary Jones
Director of Standards Policy

Phone Notification Systems
Steve Marzolf
Public Safety Communications Coordinator
Virginia Information Technologies Agency - Division of Public Safety Communications


What Works When Technology Doesn't?

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Diane Morton
Professor, Department of Counseling
Gallaudet University

Discussion of Key Outcomes Needed
Moderators: Gregg Vanderheiden and Judy Harkins

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"The webcast of this conference is being produced by the Internet TV channel for the community of people with disabilities, ( on the TV Worldwide network, thanks to sponsorship from the Emergency Preparedness Initiative of the National Organization on Disabilities in cooperation with Gallaudet University and the Trace Center.

 The goals of this conference are to identify needs and gather possible solutions for accessible emergency notification and communication; to encourage interaction among industry, government, and consumer experts so that accessibility considerations are more likely to be built into notification and communication products and procedures, and to create a literature on the state of the science in this area.

The intended audience includes accessibility experts, government representatives with responsibility for emergency communications, standards group representatives, academicians and consultants with research and technical background in emergency communications, and industry representatives."

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School of Environmental & Emergency Management
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