What: The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) will hold this workshop to facilitate stakeholder discussion of key elements needed to assess, manage, and communicate potential risks associated with use of nanomaterials and nanotechnology-enabled products.

When: Tuesday, September 10th and Wednesday, September 11th, 2013, starting at 8:30 am both days.

Where: USDA Patriot Plaza First Floor Conference Center, 355 E Street, SW, Washington, DC

Who: Interested members of the general public and NNI stakeholders, including representatives from academia, industry, small business, NGOs, media, government, and other relevant communities are welcome to attend.

Why: In order to support the responsible development of nanotechnology, this event will facilitate:

  • Understanding of the state of practice for the consideration of risk used by industry, academia, and the general public
  • Analysis of the role of comparative risk assessment in these evaluations, including decision analysis tools and gap analysis tools
  • Identification, through case study presentations, of stakeholder values and risk perceptions that inform their decision making, and the potential integration of these values and perceptions into a practical framework for risk communication
  • Current risk management practices in the emerging technology communities
  • Determination of steps to improve the linkage of risk assessment to risk management and risk communication

How: This public workshop will highlight practical tools non-Federal decision makers are using in their consideration of potential risks, including quantitative and qualitative assessment and management methods. The event will include breakout session discussions on Types of Decisions and Decision Maker Groups to facilitate the responsible development of nanotechnology. The event will also include three roundtable discussions on: the Perspectives and Needs of (1) Small Businesses and (2) Large Enterprises, both pertaining to the responsible development of nanotechnology, as well as a roundtable on (3) Public Risk Perception and Communication.

Registration: This workshop is free and open to the public. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and will be capped at 120 people. If you cannot attend in person, the main sessions will be webcast live during the event. Click here to register now!