Down to Earth Fireside Chat with Katie Arrington – Why CMMC IS Achievable, With Ed Bassett
Katie Arrington, CISO A&S at United States Department of Defense
Cybersecurity TV LIVE Webcast

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 /4pm-5pm ET

The government contracting community is saturated with CMMC news and breathlessly awaiting updates from the CMMCAB on assessor training, approved practitioners and how the DiB will begin to operationalize CMMC requirements.  With new services and attestations of fully equipping contractors with CMMC-approved offerings, NeoSystems will unpack some of the latest developments, clarify misconceptions, and enable deeper understanding around the achievability of fulfilling CMMC.  This session will incorporate many angles that speak to challenges and concerns of enterprise, prime and sub-supply chains.

As part of a greater effort to educate and update the greater defense contractor community, participants will develop more holistic, common understanding of CMMC implementation across the DIB and understand strategic drivers and best practices to accelerate to a pre-audit robust security posture.  REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

Reference Links:

- Deliver Uncompromised Report (Author, Chris Nissen)


-NeoSystems LLC

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