Naval Air Station Oceana Teams with TV Worldwide to Salute Troops
with Live Webcast of Oceana Air Show Sept. 16-18, 2005
Press Release

Washington, DC, September 16, 2005: TV Worldwide, a fast-growing web-based global TV network, in cooperation with the Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana, in Virginia Beach, Virginia will produce a live webcast of the 2005 Oceana Air Show for the benefit of American military personnel and their families stationed overseas and highlight the Operation Interdependence civilian-to-military care package delivery system®. The free event will also be available to the general public.

The live webcast begins at 7:00 PM (ET) on Friday, September 16, with the Twilight Air Show, followed by a grand finale fireworks show and will continue with coverage of air show activities through Sunday, September 18. The webcast is being produced in cooperation with NAS Oceana and sponsored by Intel, (www.Intel.com ), Alvarion, (www.alvarion.com) the WiMAX Forum, (www.wimaxforum.org) Operation Interdependence (www.oidelivers.com), Salute America’s Heroes, (www.saluteheroes.org) and TV Worldwide. Intel, Alvarion and the WiMAX forum have teamed together to provide the broadband wireless solution that will make it feasible for TV Worldwide to webcast live during the air show, right from the flight line.

In addition to the peerless, precision formation flying of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration team, on-line air show fans will thrill to the awesome aerial acrobatics of the Red Barons Pizza Squadron, the X-Team Masters of Disaster, Showcopters and Dale "Snort" Snodgrass as well as the smoke and thunder of the Shockwave Jet Truck. There will also be performances by elite parachute teams including the British Red Devils, Canadian Skyhawks and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Black Daggers! Participants will also see the tremendously popular Tactical Demonstrations by U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force aircraft, including the F/A-18C Hornet, the F/A-18F Super Hornet, the E-2C Hawkeye, the F-16 Fighting Falcon and more.

People around the world can tune to TV Worldwide's Internet TV channel for U.S. veterans, www.USVets.TV and www.tvworldwide.com to view the Oceana Air Show webcast events first hand. The webcast will highlight the efforts of Operation Interdependence, a civilian-to-military care package delivery system, and Operation Interdependence representatives will be on hand at the webcast booth to process troop packages from event attendees. Recently, Operation Interdependence has been deploying its civilian-to-military care package delivery system to aid Hurricane Katrina survivors and assigned forces. The webcast will also feature the work of Salute America's Heroes, helping severely-wounded and disabled War on Terror victims rebuild their lives.

"TV Worldwide staff takes pride in producing this event to salute our troops around the world through this exciting video webcast," commented Dave Gardy, Chairman and CEO of TVWorldwide.com. "We are thankful for the cooperation and assistance of NAS Oceana and we are grateful that Intel, Alvarion and the WiMAX Forum are supporting the event financially in addition to also providing the innovative technology solution that will allow us to webcast live from the flight line. We are all pleased to bring this premier air show to the brave men and women deployed around the world protecting freedom and democracy." TV Worldwide will offer a variety of commentary and content prior to the event including e-mail interaction with participants worldwide. Participants should have the free Windows Media Video Player installed prior to the event and should log on by 6:30 PM, (ET), on September 16 to test their player. Questions can be directed to 703-961-9250, ext 223 before and during the event. The production will be archived at www.USVets.TV for later viewing.

About TVWorldwide.com
As a pioneering global Internet broadcasting and streaming media company, TV Worldwide (www.tvworldwide.com ) developed the first Internet TV network of community-based Internet TV channels. Each channel serves targeted, special interest demographic audiences worldwide, ranging from the community of people with disabilities to the maritime industry. Fortune 500 companies, 12 federal government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and numerous International Associations, including the National Association of Broadcasters use TV Worldwide's live and archived state-of-the art video streaming content applications and Internet TV channels. TVWorldwide.com has been named one of the streaming video industry's "Hottest Streaming Companies" by Streaming Magazine, www.streamingmagazine.com, and CEO Dave Gardy was honored by the magazine as one of the 50 Most Influential People in Streaming Media. Mr. Gardy also currently serves as the President of the International Webcasting Association (IWA), www.webcasters.org.

About USVets.tv
The veterans channel is dedicated to all United States veterans of all services and their families. TVWorldwide.com and the channel sponsors would like to salute America's veterans. We owe a debt of gratitude to these brave men and women whose sacrifices have preserved our freedom and protected national interests around the world. This Internet TV channel, which can be found at www.USVets.TV, features articles and streaming video of interest to veterans and their families.

About NAS Oceana
NAS Oceana is the Navy's primary home for its attack and fighter squadrons. During its 54 year history, the base has grown to encompass over 5,916 acres with approximately 11,000 active duty Navy personnel and 1,800 civilian employees. NAS Oceana is currently in a period of rapid growth and force expansion. With the closure of Cecil Field, nine F/A-18 Hornet Fleet squadrons and the Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) are moving to NAS Oceana. This represents a significant force gain of approximately 180 F/A-18 fighters and over 12,000 active duty personnel and their family members to NAS Oceana and the Hampton Roads community. NAS Oceana is an interesting and exciting place to work, and with its mission supporting Naval Aviation's high performance attack and fighter aircraft, it is the Navy's most advanced Naval Air Station. For complete information on NAS Oceana's mission, vital statistics, departments, services, tenant commands, etc., as well as information on the Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area, maps, and new arrivals information, please visit the NAS Oceana homepage at http://www.nasoceana.navy.mil/

About Operation Interdependence®
Operation Interdependencer® is the premier civilian-to-military delivery systemr® that provides a means for Americans to demonstrate their support of our deployed military forces by supplying them with the everyday items they miss. It is the only such care package delivery system that is secured and logistically sound. Most people are not aware that sending packages and messages to military troops can cause logistics and security problems for the military, detract from the mission and possibly bog down in the system and never reach the troops. Operation Interdependencer works with the military supply system to expedite care packages to America's deployed men and women. The organization is seeking corporate sponsors, individuals and groups to supply items such as videos, games, magazines, grooming aids, and sports clippings as well as letters and messages from home. Operation Interdependencer serves as a clearinghouse for other organizations where volunteers inspect, pack and ship the civilian rationsr that let America's deployed men and women know they have support from home. For more information or to join the organization's vital mission visit their website www.oidelivers.org. Since launching in December 2001, OIr® has delivered over 500,000 c-rats® WITHOUT impacting military resources.

About Salute America's Heores
The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes (www.saluteheroes.org) is a non-partisan 501 (c) (3) organization. It offers several programs: Homes for Wounded Heroes (offers nearly cost-free, new or renovated disability-adapted homes to men and women), Hire A Hero (reaches out through a network of organizations to help prepare and place motivated, qualified veterans in quality jobs), Family Support Network (offers special services to help relieve financial and emotional burdens facing heroes and their families), and the Road to Recovery Conference and Tribute (all-expense paid educational and service events for wounded servicemen and servicewomen and their families), Emergency Financial Aid (provides urgent financial assistance to disabled veterans).

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