National Capitol Fireworks Celebration on July 4th 2007

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Live Webcast of the National Capitol Fireworks Celebration on July 4th 2007

TV Worldwide, a fast-growing web-based global TV network, in cooperation with the National Park Service, will produce a free live simulcast via satellite and the web of the Washington, D.C., 4th July Fireworks Celebration for the benefit of American military personnel and their families stationed overseas.
The free satellite and web broadcast begins at 8:45 PM (ET) on Wednesday, July 4, with a pre-event show, and is being produced in cooperation with the National Park Service,, Base Technologies, Inc., Operation Interdependence- a civilian-to-military delivery system, the International Webcasting Association and TV Worldwide. As part of the Tell America campaign to get the word out to Americans on the critical importance of the unheralded U.S. Flag Merchant Fleet, a special salute to U.S. Merchant Marine veterans is planned during this national webcast.

People around the world can tune to TV Worldwide’s Internet TV channel for U.S. veterans, www.USVets.TV and to view our nation’s brilliant fireworks display firsthand. The event is available for free to all media outlets by satellite at the coordinates listed below.

The national fireworks are scheduled to begin at 9:10 PM (ET), and will last roughly 21 minutes.  The fireworks are choreographed to a simulcast audio program of patriotic music that will be provided by the National Park Service.  The webcast will be produced from the Netherlands Carillon area across the Potomac River in Arlington, VA, allowing for a spectacular view of the US Capitol, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial.


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National Capitol Fireworks Celebration on July 4th 2007

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Satellite Transponder Coordinates are as follows:
Satellite/Transponder: SBS 6 / K02 - 74 degrees West Uplink Frequency: 14049.500 H Downlink Frequency: 11749.500 V
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