International Data Week 2016

SciDataCon 2016
International Data Forum
RDA 8th Plenary



Now Playing: SciDataCon 2016 Breakout Session 8: Enhancing Data Infrastructure Services to Sustain Earth Sciences Researchers’ Needs for a Robust Science (Part 2)
13 September 2016, 16:00 – 17:30

Researchers in Earth Sciences disciplines are facing huge barriers in using all the data they require to do proper data analysis. As a result of this, researchers are often using only a part of the data needed to properly do their research, only due to technical constraints. Those constraints can be the large data volumes, lack of interoperability between data storage facilities and data analysis servers, interdisciplinary issues when dealing with multiple scientific fields (such as semantics and metadata as well as heterogeneity in data access services). Furthermore, in the future, current infrastructures may not have enough capacity to cope with all the users’ requests, due to technological barriers. In this context, the session aims to bring together scientists from the field of Earth Sciences with representatives of data infrastructures to jointly present, discuss and examine the demands on the infrastructures in the coming years. Furthermore, the session will identify current and future bottlenecks, analysing the actions being currently done to overcome them, notably in collaboration and standardisation efforts, as well as technology watch and innovative solutions.