International Data Week 2016

SciDataCon 2016
International Data Forum
RDA 8th Plenary



Now Playing: SciDataCon 2016 Breakout Session 5: Geospatial Data and Key Characteristics of Geospatial Data Analysis and Science: The Way Forward
13 September 2016, 08:30 – 10:00

Analysis and processing of geospatial data plays an essential role is many fields of research and applied sciences. The Open Geospatial Consortium has developed a number of standards featuring the interoperable exchange of geospatial data. This is particularly true for in-domain data exchange, where application profiles of generic base-standards have been developed and successfully applied to exchange geospatial data within communities. Still, the growing complexity and interdisciplinarity of research and applied science questions requires the developments of standards to exchange data within continuously growing communities as well as across domains. This session targets geo-spatial data as a fundamental base layer for data science and analysis. It addresses geo-spatial properties of data and discusses which new models need to be developed to enhance the level of interoperability from syntactical to semantic interoperability. In a mixed paper session, we will discuss new requirements and opportunities coming from the Semantic Web and Linked Data communities and their applicability to cross-domain data exchange.