International Data Week 2016

SciDataCon 2016
International Data Forum
RDA 8th Plenary



Now Playing: SciDataCon 2016 Breakout Session 2: Getting the Incentives Right: Removing Social, Institutional and Economic Barriers to Data Sharing (Part 1)
12 September 2016, 11:30 – 13:00

Much work has been done relating to the technical aspects of scientific data sharing. The progress in many cases has been painstakingly slow, and has been particularly hampered by a lack of awareness that the barriers and risks to be addressed are socio-technical concerns, with the non-technical concerns –the social, institutional and economic aspects of data sharing, often over looked. This session seeks research papers that identify and address the social, institutional and economic barriers to data sharing, particular with regard to incentives and disincentives. We are especially interested in review or position papers that can be used to form a coherent research plan for the future.