GITES 2010 will be a landmark event with the convergence of the latest breakthroughs in Green hardware and software technology, and the power of the internet . The promising new innovations, laying the groundwork for an upsurge in profits and sustainability, will be the central theme of this cutting-edge conference.

  • How can IT, often the largest energy consumer, both directly and with its enormous cooling needs, keep leaping costs within limits?

  • How can it contain escalating equipment costs by optimizing business processes through swift consolidation of servers and storage?

  • With data center capacity doubling every five years with soaring demand, how can Green IT drastically reduce the need for expansion and demand for space?

  • How can business manage carbon emissions with exciting new technologies such as shipping logistics planning coupled with supply chain management?

  • By rapid technology turnover and by midwifing other green processes - virtual travel and client interface and telecommunting - how can Green IT meet the UN goal of reconciling current progress with future responsibility?

  • How do the private and public sectors alike meet the clamorous demand for higher standards of social and environmental responsibility and function viably?

    These are the key questions to which 21st century organizations are seeking urgent answers. The current conference will come up with new, pragmatic and tested solutions for our time.