FOSE 2011

July 19 - 21, 2011

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Now Playing: Operation Trident Breach - Lessons Learned from FBI Global Cyber Crime Arrests

James Craig
Omaha FBI Cyber Crime Task Force
Michael Eubanks
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Gary Warner
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Learning Objectives: bulletLive Demonstrations of ZEUS - a malware kit that is available for purchase in the Russian-speaking underground. bulletHow an alert citizen started the investigation and why better awareness pays big dividends bulletComparisons of decrypted ZEUS "config files" as means of establishing linkage between ZEUS groups - the use of automated tools combined with i2 Analysts Notebook to automatically generate link charts of related malware servers bulletLearn about the use of Maltego and other open source intelligence tools to scan for and analyze the relationships of Zeus criminals in their known relationships on Facebook, Vkontakte, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.