US Department of Homeland Security and Section 508 - Roadmap for Acheiving Section 508 Compliance - Webinar event on February 11, 2004 at 12:00PM ET
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During an interactive webinar, Mike Paciello delivers an informative remote Power Point presentation, The Roadmap for Achieving 508 Compliance and praises for its effective information dissemination. Columnist John Williams discusses the positive attitudes of the 2004 presidential candidates toward accessible technology, employment opportunities and Section 508 compliance. The Department of Homeland Security is focused on implementing its initiative to increase hiring of persons with disabilities.

The Department of Homeland Security is committed to Section 508 and accessibility of information technologies to people with disabilities.  Embracing accessibility and Section 508 requirements into your products and services broadens your opportunity to reach an untapped market opportunity of approximately 45 million US citizens, reduces the liability of legal repercussions, and enhances your corporate image.

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On February 11, 2004 at 2:00pm ET, the Paciello Group will offer an webinar conference detailing approaches to continuous acheivement of electronic and information technology accessibility for people with disabilities.  This 1-hour webinar by Mike Paciello, author of Web Accessibility to People with Disabilities and President of The Paciello Group, will provide the business and technology roadmap for achieving Section 508 compliance. Participants will better understand Section 508 requirements, how to successfully address them in RFP's, and how to position Section 508 as core value-added competency.

About The Paciello Group
The Paciello Group is dedicated to helping corporations, government agencies and educational institutions make their communications accessible to all people, including those with disabilities. We offer professional consulting, technology solutions and monthly monitoring services to ensure that our clients reach all of their audiences, meet governmental and international standards and maintain the ongoing accessibility of their dynamic assets.

TVWorldwide's Internet TV channel was launched in October 2002 at the World Congress on Disabilities in Orlando , Florida , featuring world-renowned disability columnist John Williams covering the latest in assistive technology and Section 508 news and since then has webcast the TASH, ATIA, CSUN and CEC events for the community of people with disabilities. features articles and videos on the latest in assistive technology products, services and issues. During industry trade shows, highlights keynotes, presentations and interviews with exhibitors and speakers. events are webcast live and archived in fully accessible format using the captioned video streaming of's "webcapting" sm process. channel sponsors include The Paciello Group, the Council for Exceptional Children, HP, Kurzweil Educational Systems, Corda, Deque, Audio Eye, Sighted Electronics Freedom Vision and Vcom3D.
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