Broadband US TV: Net Neutrality, the IP Transition -- Where are we, What's Next?

The D.C. Circuit has spoken: the FCC's Open Internet anti-discrimination and no-blocking rules are out, but its authority to adopt rules that encourage broadband deployment, short of common carrier regulation, is confirmed.    The court's decision in Verizon v. FCC no doubt provides broadband providers greater flexibility in their arrangements with content providers and consumers.  But will this set the stage for greater innovation, or the potential for competitive abuse that Net Neutrality proponents fear?  And what about next steps for the FCC?

And what about the IP Transition?   The key stakeholders agree that the IP Transition is essential and inevitable, and the FCC has launched a process to push it forward.  What are the key technological and policy issues?  What are the fundamental principles that must guide the transition?  And how will the IP Transition be affected by decisions surrounding net neutrality?

Join Broadband US TV co-hosts Jim Baller and Marty Stern with two panels of experts as we take you through the practical and policy implications of this latest chapter in the Net Neutrality wars and where we go from here, and examine the ins and outs of the IP Transition.

Jim Baller
The Baller Herbst Law Group
Marty Stern
Partner, K&L Gates


Bob Quinn - AT&T

Harold Feld - Public Knowledge
Scott Cleland - Precursor Group
Sarah Morris - Open Technology Institute, New America Foundation

David Young - Verizon

Angie Kronenberg - COMPTEL

Amina Falzullah - Benton Foundation

Richard Shockey - SIP Forum, Shockey Consulting