Out with the old, in with the new.  Big changes at the FCC - Wheeler at the helm, what can we expect?; Gigabit initiatives march forward (with a few wireless projects thrown in for good measure); Broadcast Incentive Auctions, delayed until 2015;  ConnectED and E-Rate reform, what are the chances?; FirstNet gets down to business; Aereo litigation and over-the-top challenges to traditional broadcast and cable models; the IP transition and other threats to the future of the PSTN; Time-Warner Cable on the block; and many other significant developments that made 2013 yet another extraordinary year for broadband in America have set the stage for another big, perhaps pivotal year in 2014.

Join BroadbandUS TV hosts Jim Baller and Marty Stern and their guests on January 08, 2014, from 1:00-2:30 pm, for a lively review of 2013 and some bold predictions for 2014.

Jim Baller
The Baller Herbst Law Group
Marty Stern
Partner, K&L Gates


Harold Feld
Senior Vice President
Public Knowledge
Scott Cleland
The Precursor Group
Paul Gallant
Telecom Policy Analyst
Guggenheim Securities, LLC
Jeff Silva
Senior Telecom Analyst, Medley Advisors Group