Separate Notices of Funds Availability (NOFA) and programmatic rules have just been released for the second and final round of funding under the Broadband Stimulus with several Billions of dollars in funding available in this last round. Applications for this second round are due in just over a month, on March 15, and this interactive live workshop will provide a first look at what's changed from the first round and what applicants need to know in putting together successful broadband grant and loan applications.

Jessica Zufolo, RUS Deputy Administrator, will be joining us, and we have also invited Angela Simpson, NTIA Senior Advisor , to discuss with hosts Jim Baller and Marty Stern the most important lessons that RUS and NTIA learned from Round One, what the agencies hope to achieve in Round Two, and what steps Round Two applicants should take to enhance their chances of success. We will also hear from four representative first round winners and from a panel of broadband stimulus experts. They will take your questions live and provide further insights into strategies that won or lost in Round One and into new approaches that can take maximum advantage of the new Round Two rules.

Confirmed panelists include:

First Round Winners: Insights and Lessons Learned

  • Joe Freddoso, President and CEO, MCNC ($28.2 MM grant for statewide middle mile network)
  • Donna Sorgi, Senior Assistant Corporation Counsel, City of Boston ($1.9 million grant for broadband services at libraries, community centers, and public housing sites)
  • Randi Levin, Chief Information Technology Officer, City of Los Angeles ($7.5 million grant for broadband services at public computer centers and for workforce training)
  • Greg Richardson, CEO Civitium ($33,500,000 for the North Georgia Network Cooperative's combined middle mile and last mile network in Northeastern Georgia).

Maximizing Your Chances in the Second Round

  • Kevin Krufky, Legislative Counsel, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Peter J. Pratt, Principal, Pratt Networks LLC
  • Craig Settles, President,

Join hosts Jim Baller and Marty Stern to this follow on program to the highly successful Broadband Stimulus Live Webcast Town Hall earlier last July.