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Any thought-activity is always based on a full or simultaneous activity and brain function including two uneven parts. The two halves of the brain work synchronously, and the result of their activity becomes instantly available to us, but we fully perceive only the work of our consciousness -, a result of the activity of the subconscious often remains untapped.

The fact that the subconscious mind works very fast. Return the result of its activities in a short, concise, imaginative presentation, which slips if not finished, distracting from the main subject of thinking a thought, we often do not have time to perceive the logic, and therefore reject, as it often does not match or the direction opposite to our basic desires.

The subconscious knows and remembers everything that has ever been with a man. In it concluded the experience of all its previous incarnations, and therefore it is never wrong. That it is the one grand management system, our processor and random access memory together, which control all the processes occurring in the body, and on which all our lives depend. This subconscious tend to remain undeveloped consciousness is always completely closed and inaccessible.

In order to perceive the subconscious clues and use them properly, it is required to be very competent, that is, to understand how to Buy Cytotec the process of delivering information. At the same time, for some people, there may be a number of insurmountable obstacles that prevent this perception.

The first such difficulty lies in a safe balance of cerebral circulation between the two hemispheres and its own resonance is not greater than buy Cytotec. Only then can talk sensibly. If a person has any problems with the spine of any department, that is traumatic injuries - such as herniated discs, scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis, the balance of cerebral circulation can not be. Then the cerebral blood flow is not balanced, and the average bearing resonant frequency of the brain is always much higher than the specified limit, and consciousness is bound to be with the release of the main dimensions of the physical body. And if there is no balance, there is no, and the perception of the subconscious that is intuitive person no longer enjoys.

The second difficulty lies in the fact that the tip is very, very short and fast. Just like lightning flashed in my head the idea while thinking, and she's not. Man it perceives as interfering with the process of thinking distraction.

The third difficulty is in knowing how the whole mechanism of the subconscious, we are taught that no one, and his ability to use implicit. The difficulty is that you can not use hint half or something to change it. It's like that do the opposite.

The subconscious is not only cherishes in himself any information, but at the same time is able to connect to the vast ocean of information fields of the universe. It is always ready to give a person an invaluable information that help him at any moment. The subconscious is not only powerful, but also bottomless, as there are hidden not only all the problems, but also their possible solutions.

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It would seem that we need, so it's just to learn how to communicate with your subconscious mind and then becoming omnipotent. But this task is not available for some, as many people want to be weak or helpless or languish in poverty than working on their education, engage in self-control or self-analysis. It is better to do nothing and wait for manna from heaven than to work with perseverance. That is, each person has the opportunity, but its implementation is not so simple.

In addition, there are still things that consciousness is trying to defend. For example, some traumatic personal psyche memories of the past. We all, in the subconscious, there are inner worlds, which are usually not consistent with the internal representation of them. Therefore it is not the mere possibility of direct knowledge of the existing reality. We can only see, hear and experience life through reliable filters of perception. The main reason for this disagreement is that we constantly change and distort the true reality to fitting it under our perception of patterns in accordance with the capabilities of the brain.

The subconscious mind is our potential friend and powerful ally of consciousness. In order to significantly enhance the ability of their own consciousness and make his life spiritually richer, healthier and happier, each person must find a way to communicate with the subconscious mind to get out the most important and necessary information about himself.

Communication, inner balance and harmony can not be achieved automatically - consciousness is not automatic. It has free will and can choose, as a faithful and wrong. Including relationship with the subconscious it can build up in different ways. For example, just ignore the subconscious, "closed his eyes" to the fact of its existence. Or to acknowledge its existence, but ignore those persistent signals that the subconscious trying to warn about the dangers of errors, or, alternatively, pay attention to the happy chance which should not be missed.

Suppose that we are committed to positive engagement. In this case, we can also arise some difficulties. To collaborate with someone, you need to understand each other and somehow communicate. In the words of consciousness and thought. In their own language of the subconscious - intuition, insight, an epiphany in the form of images of memories, flown at a speed express train before the mind's eye. We do not always have time to combine this in mind. Therefore, our learning is through trial and error, when the brain corrects them automatically as long as does not produce the required quality. In the future, mistakes are forgotten and only the successful actions are stored in the memory, which are then copied. This occurs anyone growing up.

The subconscious mind is most of what we think is really, but do not know it. This is something that is hidden even from ourselves. The subconscious mind is manifested in the forbidden desire, instinct, desire and even the reservations, but at the right time, it can automatically take responsibility for making the required decisions - how to act and react. Especially in the action when there is no time to talk or when lives are in danger. Our subconscious as the autopilot always oriented towards the final result.

The subconscious mind has the unique ability - for particles scattered information provided by consciousness and environmental data, recreate the whole. On the results of its work, the subconscious tells through images or flashed Reference for Languages. Sometimes it can even present their demands in the form of voice commands.

Only when we will understand and apprehend the subconscious said, in consciousness appears in its exceptional value the chance to make contact. It consists in the fact that the time to engage in the process for recognizing the desired images, and then there is a huge field of joint creative activities, promoting the opportunity to see not visible or residing abroad the true reality. At the same time our consciousness begins to feel that it is not alone, it begins to grow, expand and it appears, at first timidly, then more and more the growing confidence in the subconscious. Subsequently, the internal language of communication between the conscious and the subconscious becomes the language of information of images, with a constant bright saturated with meaning, which is called inspiration.

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