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WCD Expo, the world's leading disability event, is decicated to improving the lives of those with developmental and physical disabilities, their families and professionals who work with them.


Keynote - "The Road to Freedom: Keeping the Promise of the ADA"
Jim Ward, founder and President of ADA Watch Organization and the National Coalition for Disability Rights.
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Animal Assisted Therapy

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Maria Clark Adragna

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Designing for the Special Needs Community

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CT Business Today Featuring the Foot Flush
"Changing the world one step at a time"

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Interview with Eric Herbst of Foot Flush
(www.footflush.com) Eric Herbst, CEO and inventor, Gives us installation instructions, talks about the many markets that can benefit from this and tells us where you can purchase one.
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Interview with Jim Miller of UrAssist
(www.urassist.com) Jim Miller, CEO and COO of Preferred Medical Devices, Inc. Tells us how to use this product and explains how they went from a large cumbersome machine to a small walk-around device that will give patients the freedom to get out and about.
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Interview with Ward Stare of Strongarm Mobility
(www.strongarmmobility.com) Ward Stare, Vice President of Business Development discusses the market and the dual uses of the product.
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Interview with Mike Adams of Strongarm Mobility
Mike Adams, Chairman of the Board and Inventorof Strongarm Mobility (www.strongarmobility.com) demonstrates their new combination crutch and cane.
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Jim Miller, of U Can Do Central gives a testimonial of how the Strongarm Mobility product works for him.

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