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Storage Visions™ 2007 Live Web Cast by TV Worldwide

January 7, 2007 10:30AM-4PM PT

--Analysts and Senior Executives Speak out on Storage and the Content Value Chain--

San Jose, CA – December 19, 2006 – The Storage Visions Conference, demonstrating practical applications of digital storage in the content value chain, announces that TVWorldwide will be the Official Conference Web Caster.  Storage Visions 2007 (a partner to the International CES) will be held January 6 & 7, 2007 at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.


Webcast Archive

AME III Magnetic Tape Technology for AIT-5

Wayne Desmond, Sony

Awards Presentation

Choosing a Mobile CE Storage Product

Digital Content in the Age of Global Archives

• Moderator: Marty Shindler, The Shindler Perspective
• Dave Gardy,
• Gary Price, M4 Interactive
• John Pickens, Cisco
• Lance Ware, SyncCast
• Bill Wohnoutka, Level 3

Digital Storage for the Content Value Chain

Financial Analyst and Venture Capitalist Perspectives on Entertainment Storage - Part 1

Financial Analyst and Venture Capitalist Perspectives on Entertainment Storage - Part 2

Interview with Fred Shapiro of STMicroelectronics, Inc.

Manager, SPA Marketing Applications Center

Interview with Rich Gadomski of Fujifilm

Dave Gardy speaks with Rich Gadomski, Vice President of Marketing, Recording Media Division, Fujifilm at the 2007 Storage Visions conference in Las Vegas. Rich talks about their growing commercial IT divisions and expansions into digital storage.

Panel Discussion: Storage Intelligence and Content Security

Storage Solutions for Video and Broadcast Professionals

Pat Thomas, Quantum

Understanding and Managing Unstructured Information

Robert Brown, BlackBall

Where's the Cache?

A hot topic today in the world of smaller, faster and more durable storage solutions - This panel brings together experts from solid state, HDDs, Microsoft and industry analysts to debate how and where flash can be used to gain significant strides in the storage market. This debate is sure to deliver a better understanding of how system builders can best unleash Windows Vista benefits (power efficiency, system response and increased durability) in the laptop PC using flash technology.

• Moderators: Jim Handy, Objective Analysis; Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates
• Amos Marom, SanDisk
• Steve Weinger, Samsung Semiconductor
• James Borden, Microsoft
• Debasis Baral, Samsung Storage
• Joe Unsworth, Gartner
• Marc Noblitt, Seagate

Who's Watching Optical Storage? - Part 1

Who's Watching Optical Storage? - Part 2




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