Join us for the Partnership for Research and Education in Materials Webinar in preparation for the 2018 PREM solicitation. The webinar will be broadcasted on November 17th at 2 PM EST and will entail a description of the current solicitation by Program Director Eva M. Campo as well as examples of successful frameworks by current PREM participants. In addition, recorded sessions from the PREM PI meeting held in Alexandria in October 2017 will provide additional information on eligible partners as well as a thorough account of the new current PREM solicitation by DMR Division Director Linda Sapochak.

Please send questions about this webinar to with the title line PREM WEBINAR. Questions and answers will be posted on line and all presentations will also be available shortly after the event.

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Dr. Eva M. Campo: Division of Materials Research National Science Foundation - Download Dr. Campo's presentation here.

Gang Lu: Recruitment and Retention
California State University . Northridge University

Karen Lozano: Retention and Graduation
University of Texas, Rio Grand Valley

Tatiana Timofeeva: Recruitment, Retention and Graduation
New Mexico, Highlands University

Luis Echegoyen: 2017 PREM Creativity Award Winner on the PREM Framework


General inquiries regarding this program should be made to Eva Campo. Telephone : 703-292-7010

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