2 GHz BAS Relocation Live Web Conference March 4, 2004 from 2-4 PM  - Reps. from NAB and MSTV  will be on hand for discussions
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The conference will include live streaming video of presenters with simultaneous PowerPoint slide presentations as well as interactive audience Q&A via text. Special arrangements will be made for Non-broadband Internet users. They can participate via the Internet for viewing slides and interaction and a telephone bridge for one-way audio.
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The FCC has updated its decision that requires all television stations, starting with the largest markets, to vacate 2 GHz ENG channels 1 and 2 with in the next few years. This will require broadcasters to replace or modify their ENG equipment. Representatives from NAB and MSTV as well as other experts will be on hand to discuss these important topics.

2:00 pm

Welcome Remarks – David Donovan, MSTV

2:10 pm

Regulatory Issues - Jack Goodman, NAB

  • Review of 3 rd Report & Order
  • The FCC's Plan
  • C ompensation and Negotiation
  • Antitrust Issues
  • Reconsideration Issues
2:40 pm

Technical Issues - Kelly Williams, NAB

  • Planning for the Transition
  • Doing a Station Needs Assessment
  • Creating a Market Transition Plan
  • Sample Transition Plan – Andy Bater, Tribune Broadcasting, 2 GHz AdHoc Committee
3:15 pm

Moderated by Lynn Claudy, NAB

Andy Bater, Tribune Broadcasting, 2 GHz AdHoc Committee
David Donovan, MSTV
Jack Goodman, NAB
Kelly Williams, NAB

Station and group executives and chief engineers with stations in all markets as well as frequency coordinators are invited to participate in this important Web Conference. Registration is FREE. All participants must register in advance.

About NAB
The National Association of Broadcasters is a full-service trade association that promotes and protects the interests of radio and television broadcasters in Washington and around the world. NAB is the broadcaster's voice before Congress, federal agencies and the Courts. We also serve a growing number of associate and international broadcaster members.
About MSTV
The Association for Maximum Service Television, Inc., is the recognized industry leader in broadcasting technology and spectrum policy issues. Formed in 1956, MSTV has endeavored to insure that the American public receive the highest quality, interference free, over-the-air local television signals. For the past decade we have been the leading advocate for advanced over-the-air digital television in the United States.
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