Official Webcast of the Mobile Entertainment Summit 2006, September 11, 2006
Official Webcast of the Mobile Entertainment Summit 2006, September 11, 2006

Official Webcast of the Mobile Entertainment Summit 2006

TV Worldwide, in partnership with iHollywood Forum, will be producing the “Official Webcast of the Mobile Entertainment Summit 2006” from the exhibit hall during the event.  The webcast will feature key content from the show including keynote speeches, breakout sessions, interviews with industry leaders and sponsor demonstrations.  The webcast will be available on a special webcast event website featuring the sponsors and will be available via archive for a minimum of one year after the event. 


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Main Event

9:00-9:45: Keynote: Content Business Opportunities in China

Michael Stroud, iHollywood Forum, Co-Founder
Mr. Yingbo Zhu, ASPire Holdings, Vice President, China Mobile Data Business Support Center

9:50- 10:00 Jay Emmet, President of mBlox

10:00 -10:50: Changing Channels

Grahame Riddell, O2, Head of Mobile Content
Dominick Tolli, Virgin Mobile, Vice President, Value Added Services
David Epstein, Access Hollywood, Interactive Director
Anil Malhotra, Bango, Founder and Senior Vice President, Alliances and Marketing
Alex Moir, MX Telecom, Chief Executive Officer, North America
Mark Young, Disney Mobile, Head of Business Development and Strategy
Moderator: Michael Stroud, iHollywood Forum, Co-Founder

11:30-12:20: The Rise of Mobile Marketing

Feature Presentation: Flytxt
Carsten Boers, Flytxt, President and Co-Founder
Jay Emmet, mBlox, President, Americas
Vladimir Edelman, SoapBox Mobile, Chief Executive Officer
Heidi Lehmann, Third Screen Media, Vice President, Content
Acquisition and Strategy
Jim Souders, Action Engine, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations
Heather MacPherson, Ogilvy & Mather, Managing Director
Moderator: Julie Ask, JupiterResearch / Kagan, Research Director and Senior Analyst

12:30-1:00: Keynote

Howard Handler, Virgin Mobile, Chief Marketing Officer

Battle for Video Mindshare

Adam Guy, Compete, Managing Director
Joachim Blunck, Bunim-Murray Productions, Senior Vice President, Digital Content
Tom Parrish, SmartVideo, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Scott Wills, Hiwire, President and Chief Operating Officer
Jordi Aliagas, Arena Mobile, Vice President
Moderator: Daisy Whitney, TV Week, Technology Writer

Creating for the Small Screen

André Pagnac, Actimagine, President and Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Tibbets, GoTV Networks, Executive Vice President, Studio
John Hall, Gone in 30 Seconds
Andrew Thau, Network LIVE, Chief Operating Officer
Kim Bangash, HorrorNet TV (A Dark Castle Network), Chief Executive Officer
Priscilla Lu, ViDeOnline, Chief Executive Officer
Moderator: Adam Guy, Compete, Managing Director

4:00-4:50: Making Money from Messaging

David Gale, Vibes Media, Director, Business Development
Steve Cherry, CommerceTel, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Carter, MyThum Interactive, President and Chief Executive Officer
Steve Leonard, Motricity, General Manager, Off-Deck
Adam Lavine, FunMobility, Chief Executive Officer
Brian Johnson, mBlox, Director of Business Development
Moderator: Tamara Gaffney, Telephia, Director, Product Management and Media

Interview with Jeff Janer

COO, ThirdScreenMedia (

Interview with Fredrik Ruben

Head of sales in North America for Ericsson (

Interview with Marc Saulino

New Business Development Executive for bango (

Interview with Andre Pagnac

CEO of Act Imagine (

Interview with Yoram Solomon

President and Chairman of the Board, Mobiledtvalliance (

Interview with Trent Larson

Protiviti (

Interview with Jeremy Toeman

VP, Product Managemenet, Sling Media (

Interview with Bango


Networking Mixer

Hugh Chambers of Interactive World Magazine

Demetrio Cuzzocrea of Xosphere

Jim Ferris of AdCalls

Jami Lawrence and Melissa Gordon of Kikucall

Josh Martin of iHollywood Forum

John Nakos of Nellymoser

Mark Roffman of Woodworking Channel

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen of

Gary Shawkey of AdCalls

Bill Sobel, consultant

Zahava Stroud of iHollywood Forum

TJ Walker of the Speaking Channel