MAB Political Broadcasting Seminar
October 16, 2007 2:00PM EST


Political Broadcasting Seminar with David Oxenford of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and Hope Cooper and Bobby Baker of the Federal Commmunications Commission. As we approach the 2008 election year, learn the rules and gain an understanding of political broadcasting.

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Disclaimer: The PowerPoint slides and the information given in the video presentation are intended to provide a general overview of the FCC's political broadcasting rules and policies.  This information is not intended, nor should it be used, as a substitute for specific legal advice as legal counsel may only be given in response to inquiries regarding particular situations.  The political broadcasting area is especially complicated and small factual differences may result in different legal conclusions.  Moreover, it should be noted that the FCC has many times ruled that verbal statements by its employees are not binding statements of precedent and cannot be used as a defense to any complaint or enforcement action brought to or by the FCC.  Thus, while we hope that this information will help you identify political broadcasting issues, you should always consult your attorney when specific situations arise.

MAB Political Broadcasting Seminar 2007

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