AUCD Annual Meeting And Conference
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George Jesien, Director of AUCD, opens the conference and introduces Lu Zeph, outgoing President of AUCD.
Outgoing AUCD President Lu Zeph sets the theme for the conference that celebrates the work of our national network of interdisciplinary centers and programs. She then introduces Dr. Patricia Morrissey
Dr. Patricia Morrissey details the specifics of using strategic storytelling to deliver effective, compelling and persuasive messages.
Click Here for Windows Media Player Presentation Keynote: Author Mike Winer shares powerful tools, techniques and strategies to nourish and manage partnerships to achieve goals and minimize conflicts.
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Royal Walker Jr. President elect of AUCD and Associate Director of University of Mississippi UCED, introduces the panelists with brief biographic information about each speaker.
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Katherine Guernsey, Associate Director and Practitioner in Residence of the Amnesty International Summer Institute at American University reports on the progress of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the unprecedented inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the drafting and how it affects partnership opportunities.
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Judy Heumann, lead consultant, Global Partnership for Disability and Development at the World Bank talks about the World Bank’s efforts to improve conditions for individuals with disabilities internationally.
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Dr. Haidar Saeed Alyousof, Executive Director of the Special Need Project of the Dubai Educational Council in Dubai UAE (United Arab Emirates)
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Dr. Morrissey comments on the valuable contributions of the other panelists. She also talks about the need for international partnerships as well as the need for the exchange of information of mature professionals from different countries.
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The theme of the 2006 AUCD Annual Meeting and Conference is: Forging New Partnerships for New Challenges Through Research, Education and Service.

The disability community is facing many of the same challenges that significantly influence and change the fiber of our nation as a whole. AUCD's network is called upon —if not required—to examine, create and enhance non-traditional partnerships for these new challenges facing our nation and communities.

The Annual Meeting and Conference provides an opportunity to celebrate our partners and to explore how partnerships, networks and other formal and informal collaborations can help realize the vision of full participation of persons with disabilities and their families. Our real and potential partners include individuals with disabilities and their families; our universities and centers; state, international, national and local agencies; policymakers; advocates, and others who care about the current and future status of our nation and communities.

Working with persons with disabilities and their families, we as university centers and as individuals have the ability to strengthen existing networks, leverage formal and informal collaborations and create new partnerships in research, education and service.

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