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Digital Media Production Showcase

Part 2 of an Ongoing Webcast Series on

Digital Media Solutions for Publishers

March 19, 2010

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It's no secret that these are challenging times for traditional media companies, and the business-to-business publishing industry is changing significantly as a result. Print publishing companies are transitioning into digital information companies at a rapid pace. As the leading association of business information providers, American Business Media is working hard to ensure that their members have the necessary tools and information to make this transition smoothly and successfully.

This webcast, the second in a series, is presented in a partnership with TV Worldwide and American Business Media. The series features experts presenting solutions for publishers looking to expand or develop their digital media business offerings. Topics include online video production, distribution and the business models of streaming media, social media tools and techniques, content management solutions, investment options and more.

Guest Speakers include:

Brad Fleisher
Managing Director
Lexbridge DC Investment Bank
The 50,000 view of the sector from the investment banking perspective as it relates to market trends

Jan Ozer
Founder, Doceo Publishing
Streaming Production: Improving Your Video Quality

Phil Nelson
Senior VP, Strategic Development
Newtek, Inc.
Newtek Tricaster Digital Production Solutions

Lance Simon
VP Business Development
iCohere, Inc.
Virtual Event and Social Media Solutions

Edwin Miller CEO
Josh Freeman VP Marketing
Video Search and Indexing Solution

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