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Accessibility Forum 5th Webcast Meeting

The Webcast will allow us to report on the outcome and development of the September 23-25, 2002 Project Workshops, Strategic Management Council activities and general Accessibility Forum collaboration.

The Webcast meeting will originate from National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA.

The event will be archived for later viewing at www.tvworldwide.com. Participants should have the free Real Player installed prior to the event and should log on for the meeting by 9:45 AM EDT. Questions can be directed to 703-961-9250, ext 223 before and during the event.

9:00 AM Continental Breakfast
10:00 AM Welcome, Agenda Review
Presentation: 508 in the International Community
Forum Projects Review: AT/E&IT Interoperability and Objective Measures
ATIA / ITIC / Forum Interoperability Project Plan
12:15 PM Lunch
  OMB update / Q&A
Panel: Advocacy / Consumer perspective on the progress of 508
Review of Government Agency Interviews
Presentation: Vendor perspective on accessibility
Accessibility Forum "New Business"
Wrap Up
4:00 PM Reception

Contact: Mark Maxey
(703) 961-9250 ext.229

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Jeff Pledger Opening Statement at the 2nd Accessibility Forum
Mary Mitchell, GSA
Forum Directors Address
Terry Weaver
508 in the International Community
Telecon participants from Europe and Japan Hiroshi Kawamura Inmaculada Placencia Porrero Judy Brewer
Forum Project Review
Bill Hetzner and Jim Kindrick
ATIA / ITIC / Forum Interoperability Project Plan
Chris Hofstader
OMB Update
Lesley Field
Advocacy / Consumer Perspective on the Progress of 508
Participants: · Brenda Battat, SHHH · Jim House, Telecommunications for the Def, Inc. · Joy Relton, AFB · Dave Poehlman, ACB;
Review of Government Agency Surveys and Interviews
Terry Weaver and Joy Gatewood-Fulton
Creative Technological Compliance With Section 508 Across Various Agencies
TVWorldwide CEO, David Gardy and AbleTV.net CEO, Jeff Pledger
"New Business" and Wrap-up
Skip Crane
Support Information
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703-961-9250 ext. 223
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Forum Chronology
September 2002 - Accessibility Forum Project Workshops hosted by AT&T was held in Washington, DC
August 2002 - Mary Beth Janes, Apple, was elected Chair person for the Strategic Management Council. Chris Hofstader, Freedom Scientific, was elected Vice Chair.
July 2002 - Council members vote "YES" to accept Council processes and procedures
June 2002 - Accessibility Forum Meeting in Washington, DC
February 2002 - Accessibility Forum Meeting in Denver, Colorado
January 2002 - Strategic Management Council initiates sub-groups to explore and Recommend Forum Strategy, Processes and Procedures, Project Interaction, and Affinity Groups.
November 2002 - Initial Strategic Management Council Meeting held
October 2001
Accessibility Forum Webcast (October 30) presented to update Members on Forum activity and progress:

Strategic Management Council (volunteer) members were announced

September 2001
-Canceled due to the events of September 11,  2001
-Work on two priority Projects began (AT/E&IT  Interoperability and Objective Measures)

August 2001
-Members selected the Organization Structure  of the Forum
-Project teams were formed from volunteers

June 2001 - July 2001
-Members determined projects the Forum  would conduct by ballot
-Alternative approaches for organizing the  Forum leadership were presented to the  members

May 2001
Accessibility Forum Meeting – Washington, DC - Refining our Mission, Objectives and Plan -Project consolidation membership group  identified
-Developed a Mission Statement
-Developed a Membership

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