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Sunday, February 10 2002, 11:30 AM EST

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For the last 16 years, the Middle-aged Football League (MFL) of the Capital area has played Sunday touch football games from September through January. Comprised of DC area professionals, aged 25-50, these games have served as a weekly convivial gathering of colleagues who share business and personal interests while engaging in a sport they love and can't (but probably should) give up. Over the years, the league has attracted a wide variety of participants ranging from venture capitalists, attorneys, hill staffers and brokers to engineers, business owners, doctors and Internet entrepreneurs who play each week in mud bowls, ice bowls, snow bowls and even a yearly Turkey Bowl at Thanksgiving. (Click here to see video highlights of past MFL game archives). Last year this group raised over $6,000 for charity in the 2002 2nd annual Capital Cyber Bowl, webcasted to the world from Herndon, Virginia, pitting the Internet "Web Warriors" against the Old Economy "Brick and Mortars". In a surprise rout during a snow and sleet storm, the Brick and Mortars upset the Web Warriors, 28-14. (Click on link for last year's 2002 Capital Cyber Bowl video highlights).

This year's webcast will also features an interactive chat and e-mail. The event again will raise money for several charities through event sponsorship packages (detailed in the link below.) Your are invited to join us for this unique, entertaining and worthwhile event, live here at this site on February 10, 2002 at 11:30 AM EST as aging war-horses clash once again in the 2002 3nd annual Capital Cyber Bowl.

Web Warriors Roster VS. Brick & Morter

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