Tune in Feb. 4th, 2007
Web Warriors 14
Brick & Mortars 24

8th Annual Capital Cyberbowl 2007

Once again the Web Warriors take on the Brick & Mortars in this annual football classic to benefit the Touchdown Club Charities.

Media Coverage from
2007 Cyberbowl

Washington Times front page story on Feb. 5, 2006
Web Warrior and Brick and Mortar players discuss the game at over chili at the post-2006 Cyber Bowl party
The Coveted Capital Cyber Bowl Trophy- retained by the Web Warriors for another year
Web Warrior and Brick and Mortar players discuss the game at over chili at the post-2006 Cyber Bowl party
The Coveted Capital Cyber Bowl Trophy- retained by the Web Warriors for another year

TV Worldwide.com, Inc., a fast-growing web-based global TV network, today announced that it will webcast the 8th Annual "Capital Cyber Bowl" to benefit the Touchdown Club Charities of Washington, D.C. This unique event has attracted widespread sponsorship and national interest while highlighting a local rivalry that exists between tech executives and their brick and mortar counterparts in the web-savvy Northern Virginia business community.

"Many of these guys have met every Sunday during the season for the last 23 years to live out past football fantasies and network. They're always excited to play in this Tech vs. Brick and Mortar format and as always, the sponsors have responded to help us benefit Touchdown Club Charities of Washington," commented Dave Gardy, Chairman of TV Worldwide, which webcasts the event. "In our 8th year of webcasting the event, we've got quite a cult following online, especially with the Internet video boom, and we're provisioning our servers to meet the demand of those who want to see if the Brick and Mortars can even the score, 4-4."

"We're going to crush these 'Web Weenies' and infiltrate their offense like a worm on their server," stated Bricks and Mortar Defensive End Mike D'Amato, a shipyard engineer. "Those Internet geeks need a dose of good old-fashioned Brick and Mortar smash-mouth football."

"I actually saw a Brick player trying to create the team roster on a computer, but he kept crashing the program," stated Microsoft's Steve Lough, Web Warrior quarterback. "He blamed it on his hard drive, but I think the problem was somewhere between his chair and the keyboard."

Event sponsors include Base Technologies, TV Worldwide, Blue Chair Advertising, Washington Business Journal, Progressive Radiology, Dulles National Financial Services, Virginia Commerce Bank, Studley Commercial Real Estate, and Bisnow on Business.

"We're excited about this 8th Annual Cyberbowl," said Gary Nakamoto, President of the Touchdown Club of Washington and the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce. "It's good to see players on both teams engaged in this gridiron battle to help Touchdown Club Charities. We want to thank the event sponsors for supporting this webcast to benefit and promote Touchdown Club efforts."

Capital Cyber Bowl coverage begins at 11:30 AM ET on Sunday, February 4. Participants should have the free Windows Media Player installed and should log on prior to the event to test the free video stream.

About the Touchdown Club

Since its founding over 69 years ago as a D.C.-area sports club, Touchdown Club Charities has been committed to the mission of honoring past sports legends, current stars and encouraging future leaders. The original Touchdown Club's Timmie Award preceded the Heisman Trophy and its annual dinner attracted Presidents to the superstars of the day. TDC also boasts the nation's oldest Hall of Fame -- a rare series of oil paintings commissioned since 1935 featuring legendary football heroes.

Proud of its history, the TDC today maintains it strong network of dedicated members and has broadened and rededicated its mission of giving to youth and community causes.

Our members enjoy well-attended monthly gatherings at various area venues where business leaders often mix with politicians and professional athletes. Popular annual fundraising events like the Superbowl Party or the "Kids Are The Winners!" Golf Tournament are highlights of a full calendar of TDC events. See www.touchdownclubcharities.com for more information on organization activities.

About TV Worldwide

As a leading global Internet TV network and streaming media company, TV Worldwide (www.tvworldwide.com) is developing a network of video channels that is an affiliation of community-based Internet television stations, each underwritten by a strategic partner, "aimcasting"(SM) to targeted demographic audiences worldwide. TVWorldwide.com works with strategic partners to develop the latest in live and archived state-of-the-art video streaming content applications. TVWorldwide.com was recently named one of the streaming video industry's "Hottest Streaming Companies" by Streaming Magazine, www.streamingmagazine.com, and CEO Dave Gardy was honored by the magazine as one of the 50 Most Influential People in Streaming Media. Mr. Gardy also serves as President of the International Webcasting Association.


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2006 20 0

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Web Warriors   4-3
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