2000 Capital Cyber Bowl Sunday, January 30th 11AM EST.
  Web Warriors   Brick & Mortar

Cyberbowl 2000
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TurkeyBowl 2000 Highlights
Sunday, January 28, 2001, 11:30 AM EST  

Event Sponors
Video Highlights
TD 1- Brick and Mortars' Score
TD 2
Out Pattern
Properly executed
Hot Read Under Blitz
Long Pass - Interception
Pick Off of Curl Pattern
Interception of Crossing Pattern
Interception of fly pattern
Deep Pass
Short Pass
Coin Toss
First TD-Web Warriors
Diving Catch
Sprint Out/ Sideline Pattern


For the last 15 years, the Middle-aged Football League (MFL) of the Capital area has played Sunday touch football games from September through January. Comprised of DC area professionals, aged 25-50, these games have served as a weekly convivial gathering of colleagues who share business and personal interests while engaging in a sport they love and can't (but probably should) give up. Over the years, the league has attracted a wide variety of participants ranging from venture capitalists, attorneys, hill staffers and brokers to engineers, business owners, doctors and Internet entrepreneurs who play each week in mud bowls, ice bowls, snow bowls and even a yearly Turkey Bowl at Thanksgiving. (Click here to see video highlights of past MFL game archives). Last year this group raised over $8,000 for charity in the inaugural 2000 Capital Cyber Bowl, webcasted to the world on Super Bowl Sunday from Herndon, Virginia, pitting the Internet "Web Warriors" against the Old Economy "Brick and Mortars". In a surprise rout during a snow and sleet storm, the Web Warriors upset the Brick and Mortars, 21-0. (Click on link for last year's 2000 Capital Cyber Bowl video highlights).

This year the Brick and Mortars, bouyed by the dot.com trauma, are out for revenge against their new economy grid iron opponents in what promises to be a spirited match-up that has generated worldwide interest because of the live webcast of the game by event sponsor TVWorldwide.com. This year's webcast will also feature 360 degree immersive video and interactive chat and e-mail. The event again will raise money for several charities through event sponsorship packages (detailed in the link below.) Your are invited to join us for this unique, entertaining and worthwhile event, live here at this site on Super Bowl Sunday, January 28, 2001 at 11AM EST as aging war-horses clash once again in the 2001 2nd annual Capital Cyber Bowl.

Web Warriors Roster VS. Brick & Morter
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Roster Event Sponsors Brick & Morter Roster
Rick Kowalick
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Rainmaker Interactive

Diamondback Vision

Ray Kramer
Regan Anderson Vivek David
Ric Fleisher Mike D'Amato
Ralph Masino Chris Broad
Tom Abraham Doug Gagnon
Aaron Griggs Mike Townsend
Andrew Sherman Todd Laveaux
Bill Replogle Bill Whittington
Dave Gardy Jay Murphy
David Sullivan Ray Kramer
  R. Bryan Hilleary
Gary Nakamoto
Mike Bromley
McDermott, Will & Emery Attorneys at Law

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